Sleeuwits, em seu trabalho, sempre explorou espaços interiores, particularmente aqueles que não guardam conexão direta com o exterior ou com formas familiares, nos quais a função do espaço não ficaclara. Nesta série a artista, depois de mudar-se para um novo estúdio, também cria, usando diferentes materiais, seus próprios “não-espaços”, onde o acentuado jogo cromático intensifica sua estranheza, nos desafiando a pensar as relações de escala entre ilusão e realidade.

The Hague (Holanda)

With my photo-works I explore places with which it seems you are unable to make any connection. I construct and deform spaces in empty office buildings until an image comes into being that conveys this experience. My inspiration originates from specific in-between spaces such as the empty corners of office blocks, waiting areas at airports or the deserted corridors of hotels. Interiors where we often find ourselves but are shut off, as it were, from our consciousness. Previously I searched for and photographed a portrayal of such places; in recent years, in order to delve deeper into the experience of these locations, I have began to intervene with such like interiors. These transformations mostly resemble temporary installations or sculptures and make the experience of disconnection transmissible on a more psychological level.
The end result is a photographic interpretation of the space.

The feeling of enstrangement and disonnection is at the heart of my work. Here lies a paradox: the spaces that catch my attention are in some sense non-spaces. Lacking a clear function or any reference to the outside world, they are in the end nothing but spaces. The paradox is evident to anyone looking at the images; I try to capture the experience of being disconnected from a physical space by almost inviting the viewer to step inside the picture and relate physically to what is portrayed there. Print size and sharpness are therefore of essential importance. In Interiors I play an intricate and complex game with scale, perception, and the tension between reality and illusion.