Parque de diversões

O parque de diversões de Shuo é estranho e soturno. As performances para a câmara parecem encarnar em cada cena tipos diferentes, construindo numa atmosfera quase surrealista um mundo próprioonde cada um “se diverte” a sua maneira, mas todos sozinhos e com o mesmo rosto, apontando com esse gesto para algo de desumano.

Amusement Park is is a world imagined and created by the artist, done during May 2012 and March, based on Casa de Campo of Madrid, , where are located Madrid Amusement Park and the Zoo. By a series story around the amusement park, animals, human beings and artificial construction among the forest, I construct a totally new world, in which: 
The concepts of human being, animals, plants, machinery become vague; the boundaries of pain, joy, loneliness, among other feelings fade away; in the huge amusement park, there is something hidden that we don’t know their functions; the creature between human being and dear might escape the chase of other huger creatures, or might be the pursuers; The recreation facilities in the amusement park appear to be exactly the same as a killing machine; the creature between human being and birds is trapped in the cage made by itself; someone is trapped in these entertainment facilities, creating strange and meaningless movements: some inexplicable mechanical works; Someone seems to have sprung in his mind a bleak hope: they want to escape from there by taking the aircraft crashed on the playground…