Tudo o que eu queria ser

Reunindo capas de livros de auto-ajuda, Rogowski cria narrativas que, abrindo novas possibilidades de leitura para os textos e imagens, retratam emoções e angústias, padrões e contradições da nossaépoca. Rogowski está interessado em grandes questões, como se comunicar, atravessar momentos de dor e mudança bem como na universalidade dessas experiências tencionadas aos conflitos inerentes à linguagem e filosofias diferentes.

Nova Iorque (Estados Unidos)

Everything that I wish I could be is an exploration of language, emotions and the desire to change and improve one’s self. There is a self-help book for almost every moment and problem in life; from relationship advice to dealing with the inevitability of death. Each large format photograph, pictures an arrangement of title pages and spines, from up to 100 self-help books that are based around a central theme. Together, the titles create larger narratives, which become portraits of emotions, people and events in life.

Because of the ubiquity of the books, an entire lifetime of events can be outlined and made to unfold using the books that were written to sooth those transitions and moments. Since advice often differs, the narratives in the images can change depending on which direction the viewer’s eye moves through the image. Some images have linear narratives (e.g.: From Birth to Death or Side by Side) while others look at patterns in language and resemble the random connections inherent in the thought process (e.g.: You and Me and Am I the only one?).

I am interested in the larger questions of how we communicate and deal with moments of pain and change and the commonalities of those experiences, as well as, the patterns and contradictions that are often inherent in language, advice and differing philosophies.