Alexander HARDING

Luz visível

As imagens de Harding tem uma potente simplicidade filosófica: o ato de olhar a própria luz e percebendo-a como presença, corpórea e espiritual, dar a vê-la  enquanto ser e não enquanto meio. Figuraum paradoxo, a luz é invisível aos nossos olhos, mas não aos olhos da câmera, de maneira que suas cenas naturalistas são visões do artificio. Com sua obra, Harding formula um trabalho poético que transita entre diferentes campos do conhecimento e da ciência, especialmente a ótica.

Wallingford (Inglaterra)

In my work, I am concerned with light, more specifically light from the sun. The sun, being the center of our universe is the source for all that lives on our planet. It keeps us in a specific orbit, and its waves provide us with energy allowing us to thrive. Whether it is acknowledged or not, we all have a strong relationship with the sun. Its light enables our visual perception and at times, shapes our emotions. Although the sun affects how we feel, its light remains mysterious and ephemeral. We can feel it on our skin and in our eyes, but it seems intangible to us. We cannot hold or preserve it.

Through my work I explore the sun’s physical presence and quantitative character, attempting to give sunlight an environment to travel within and record its behaviors. I primarily use photography to make my work as its apparatus promotes a very critical and literal type of visual perception and it is processes are controlled by light itself. The word “Photography” most closely translates to “writing  or drawing in light”. I think of my photographs in this way; not as only a visual record of a moment in time but as images created by light. Events in light are unique, organic and fleeting. This being the case, I do not attempt to reproduce these events. I can only shape the environment the sun enters and the amount of light hat strikes the film within a period of time.

What I hope viewers attain from my work is a sense of the marvel that light is. Through my work I wish to remain grateful to light, which enables our ability to see, reminding us that perception itself is a gift