Daniel W. Coburn

Objeto: afeto

Convocando, através de carta, pessoas para participarem nesse projeto, Coburn equaciona afetos, textos e fotografias para construir uma série de retratos que figuram tanto questões ligadas a autoimagem e suas formas de representação, quanto uma consciência da pose enquanto encenação para o outro ou para si próprio. Explorando a pose sexy faz uma paródia  do modo como escolhemos nos mostrar ao mundo, nas inúmeras mediações que experimentamos.

Lawrence (Estados Unidos)

I approach potential models with a letter asking them to pose for a photograph with the intention of making themselves desirable to a person of their choosing. The model chooses his/her attire and location for the photo session. They are then asked to provide a written response to the act of being photographed. The images are presented alongside their written response. This project examines concepts related to the physical/psychological condition one experiences through the process of self-objectification.

Dear Potential Model:

My name is Daniel Coburn and I am a professional fine-art photographer. My photographic works have been exhibited as a part of prestigious exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, and many places in-between. My prints are held in the permanent collections of the Mariana Kistler-Beach Museum of Art, The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, The Mulvane Museum of Art, and the Moraine Park Museum. For a complete list of my credentials you can visit my official website at www.danielwcoburn.com.

I am currently looking for new subjects/models and I am writing to ask if you will participate in my latest photographic project. This latest artistic endeavor will examine concepts related to the physical/psychological condition one experiences through the process of self-objectification.
You will be asked to approach the situation as though you were making a photograph for a lover, significant other, or an ideal mate. I ask you, the model, to choose your outfit. It’s important that you select your apparel. This can involve nudity or not — you could be completely clothed, but it is important that you choose an outfit with the intention of making yourself desirable or sexy. You will also be asked to write a one page response to the process of being photographed. There are no concrete rules, but I request that you briefly comment on the decisions you made regarding your attire and location for the shoot. You will also be asked to sign a standard model release form and a contract that permits me to reproduce the images made during our photo session as well as your written statement.

The photograph that I am seeking isn’t the one that you might show your significant other. I am looking for the in-between images that visually examine the emotional state of my sitter. This might come across in a facial expression, body position, etc. I am hoping that these images, coupled with the written account of the experience presented by each model, might offer interesting insight into the phenomenon of self-objectification. These won’t be the digitally altered, over-polished images that we typically see on television or in the media.