Douglas CAPRON


Com uma requintada forma de produção, acercando-se de procedimentos quase científicos, Capron em sua série trabalha com registros dos estados da água em suas passagens entre o sólido e o líquido,criando toda uma iconografia tanto orgânica quanto abstrata, que surpreende pelo rigor do preto e branco e pelo caráter inusitado das formas e estruturas, que embora quase invisíveis, tem lugar no nosso cotidiano.

Montreal (Canadá)

In my pursuit ot beauty and harmony through photography in my series ‘Hydrology’, l explore the concept of “Material Expressivity” as advocated by Manuel DeLanda , which suggests a “deliberate use ot melody and rhythm in existing matter.” This project is a study of natural patterns that occur progressively as water transforms into ice during the prelude to winter. My intention was to express the ephemeral mystery of these impressions that were gradually morphing into solid ice on a small urban park lake. These complex and elaborate formations serve as organic signatures of expression On a molecular level, crystallization will occur only when the first two molecules will lock together using some microscopic particles in the water as a nucleation point. A single bacterium, a speck of dust,or some other very tiny object is necessary to provide the initial template upon which the crystal begins. The resulting “Material Expressivity” illustrates an expression of a unique identity for all matter and essence existing within an urban environment.