Egípcios – as roupas fazem o homem

A simplicidade da série de autorretratos de Nabil, não consegue ocultar a complexidade da proposta artística para discutir as questões identitárias dos árabes no Egito, na França e no restante do mundo.Retoma um procedimento que anima o trabalho de alguns fotógrafos na contemporaneidade, o retratar-se a si mesmo como se fosse um outro. Conformando-se a diferentes rostos e atitudes seu gesto aponta para o dinamismo das relações sociais no mundo árabe como possibilidade de recriar identidades e tradições.

Vive entre Paris (França) e Cairo (Egito)

My artwork has a main concern: Egypt and Middle-East. Involved in Jordan and Yemen projects, the works were exhibited in international Biennials, cultural institutions and private galleries. I conducted over than 20 workshops in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Angola, Madagascar, Reunion Island and Central Africa. Night and inhabited places all over the country were inspiring permanently; I made a large series about Egyptian portraits between 1990 and 1994. For seven years I collected documentation on Egyptian religious rites, Moslems and Christians. In the late five years I felt more involved with the change happening in Egypt, my work becoming less documentary lapsing into ironical criticism. “Egypt is a Modern Country!” is a statement about running after “Modernity”. Later, I worked on the relationship between Jordan Bedouins and Modernity. In 2010, working on abusing appearance of people, I disguised myself for the “Egyptian” series. In 2011, I showed real-false advertising on real billboards called “Invitation to happiness”. My latest series “A string trip” and “Beyond” in 2013 have committed issues. My stage design experience is leading me now to installation works.